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Enhanced Security and Privacy with MLABS

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Maximum Security and Privacy

The top choice for protection against spyware, privacy invasion, and high security communications.

Premium Smartphone Utilities

Stay secure and private without sacrificing available applications, camera, screen quality, and any other standard smartphone utility.

Granular Permissions Control

Gain complete control over the data transmitted from all phone sensors. Pick and choose which applications have access to sensor data.

Compatible with All Major Carriers

All carriers are fully supported. 5g and LTE enabled for maximum security and speed.

Enhanced Longevity

Due to background tracking disablement and reduction of running processes, 2+ days of battery life is typical.

Privacy and Security Risk Reduction

Minimal active processes reduces the available attack surface for hackers. EXIF data scrubbing removes all image metadata (ex: location, timestamp, device info, etc.)

A Healthy Distrust of Everything

From foreign powers to competing businesses — from governments to Big Data miners — your personal and private data is vulnerable to compromise 24/7.

As a result of the massive threat landscape for mobile devices, the SecurePhone by MLABS treats all devices
and networks as malicious by default.

The SecurePhone does not share any identifying information over wireless networks, and device fingerprinting on every network connection.


Most security enhanced smartphones
suffer from a number of issues including: limited usability as a result of reduced access to applications, hardware limitations, and pricing outside the reach of most consumers.

The MLABS SecurePhone leverages partitioned user profiles to allow full access to Google Play and the standard Android Application Ecosystem while still maintaining a high level of security and privacy.

And unlike other security enhanced phones, the SecurePhone currently runs on Pixel 6 and above hardware with its best-in-class camera, screen, and and sleek style for a secure and private mobile experience that remains familiar and enjoyable just like your favorite Android phones.

Patent Pending Mobile User Profile Configuration

For Maximum Security & Day-to-Day Usability

Untraceable Protection for Discreet Individuals

Politicians & Campaign Teams | Investors Lawyers | Military Personnel | Government Contractors


Full-disk encryption protects your phone in
case of loss. The device will crypto-lock upon excessive failed authentication attempts


Automatic EXIF metadata scrubbing removes all identifying data & timestamps from images


Reduces risk of compromise by completely segmenting data across profiles. One compromised profile will not impact the integrity of other profiles.


Temporary Guest Profiles can be created for high risk activities and applications. All activity in this profile will be deleted upon exiting the profile.

Pre-Configured Secure App Suite


Signal & Briar

End-to-End Encrypted Call & Text


VPN Protection


Hardened Web Browser

Protect Your Data From Growing Mobile Threats With MLABS

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High Security and Privacy Without Sacrificing Usability

The MLABS SecurePhone balances security, privacy, and functionality with three fully-segmented user profiles and temporary guest user functionality for high risk usage.

Android application usage through sandboxed Google Play allows for an uncompromised smartphone experience while adhering to a high security and privacy model for maximum protection.

Maximum Security

The MLABS SecurePhone is configured for Privacy and Security by default. No identifying information is ever shared and no sensor permissions are ever given without your confirmation.

Secure App Store

F-Droid is included in its own secure profile for security and privacy reviewed applications. Other secure app stores can be pre-loaded upon request.

Google Play Sandbox

With Google Play Sandbox, you can use all your standard work and play applications without risk of device data exfiltration. Since Google Play is sequestered to its own profile, none of your data in other profiles is accessible to it.


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