The Sentry


Enterprise-Grade Vulnerability Management

The Sentry detects vulnerabilities and provides simple solutions to fix the holes in your business network's security posture.

Simply follow the steps provided to fix the issues discovered by the Sentry, or contact support for help.

No Configuration Required

A 100% plug-and-play solution, the Sentry requires no complex, manual setup. Just plug the Sentry into power and Ethernet to begin scanning!

Fully Automated

The Sentry will automatically discover all devices on your network and scan them against a comprehensive list of vulnerabilities and exploits every day.

Email alerts will automatically be sent for critical findings.

Updated Daily

The vulnerability database contained within each Sentry is updated daily with the latest vulnerability and exploit data available.

Privacy Focused

The Sentry stores only the information absolutely required to perform its services. All data is end-to-end encrypted. See our privacy policy for more information.

Support Available

Phone and email support is available for any and all security events, questions, harware issues, and feedback.

MLabs is willing to provide Incident Response, Forensic Investigations, and Postmortems as needed.

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